DECKS by JRW uses only the finest building materials available. It is for this reason that we use Dunn Lumber. Family owned since 1907, Dunn Lumber is known throughout the industry for providing extremely high quality and “hard to find” lumber products.

We may pay a little more for our materials but we feel the quality justifies the cost. In short, we insist on the finest products available for use on your deck. We only build 100-130 custom decks per year and guarantee that each of our customers are 100% satisfied.

The framework of all JRW decks is called “ground contact” pressure treated wood. The framework is the skeleton of the deck (what holds everything up) and local building codes require the use of treated lumber in all frameworks. Our pressure treated lumber is hem-fir #1 for structural beams and #2 for joists and rims. All supporting footings are hand dug and poured with new concrete on site.There are many different types of products available for the decking surface. The following is a brief list of decking products we use in order of cost, (starting with the least expensive and working up).

Western Red tight knot cedar
The most popular decking product in the Northwest. A soft wood with natural beauty and an abundant supply. Most tight knot cedar is a harvested product with second and third growth trees reaching the market place. The most popular size for decking is 5/4 x 4. Requires a protective stain regularly. Also available in clear cedar, (no knots).

Pacific Cyprus (a.k.a. Alaskan Yellow Cedar)
A harder wood than Western Red, this is becoming more popular in the Northwest due to its durability and easy care. The decking will turn naturally silver with age or can be stained a natural color after 6-8 months. Ideal for high traffic areas. The most popular size is 5/4 x 4. 

Outdoor Wood
This is an appearance grade version of the pressure treated lumber used in the framework of the deck. This wood is hem-fir and is know for its durability and long life. Requires a protective coating of water seal on a regular basis. The most popular size is 2 x 4. This product is used a lot on trellis work and overhead pergolas.

This is a wood fiber-recycled plastic composite product. TREX offers an easy care deck surface with high durability. The product is uniform in color and size. There are currently four colors available with two of those colors being color fast, (Madera and Woodland Brown). TREX has had a lot of success in the decking market and is currently the most requested synthetic product. The most popular size is 5/4 x 6.

This is also a wood fiber and recycled plastic composite product. TimberTech differs from TREX in the shape or profile of the product. Available in a tongue and groove or a plank design, this product also requires no staining or preservatives. TimberTech also has a textured surface that is slip resistant.

Waterproofing Membranes
Decks by JRW uses a couple of different waterproofing membranes for decks that require a complete waterproof (solid) surface. These are usually decks over living areas or decks over a patio, which needs to stay dry. Weatherdek Vinyl is a sheet material system, which is glued down to a plywood subsurface and sealed at the seams via a heat weld. Gacoflex is a liquid applied, paint on type product available in a variety of colors and textures.

There are many other fine products available for decking surfaces not listed above. We will be happy to provide a bid on any products you may find on the market.

DECKS by JRW offers many different railing materials and styles. Most of our wood railings are build with Western Red Clear cedar. Some other railing materials would include aluminum, glass, pipe, cable and wrought iron.

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