Bid Process

If you would like to have a deck designed and built, please call us to arrange an appointment time for a bid. The bid process usually works as follows:

One of our estimators will visit your home. Weekend and evening bid times are available, however these times fill up fast so please try to allow 1-2 weeks to schedule a bid. Bid times during regular working hours are much easier to schedule.

We will be asking you for your thoughts and ideas regarding your new deck. We will be measuring your house and the proposed area for the deck. We will have tons of pictures for you to look at to help decide on things such as railing styles, bench styles, privacy walls, etc. We will give you our input as to what will work the best for your home and yard areas. While at your home, our estimator will try to give you a “ballpark” price or range of pricing for your project. If this price range is acceptable for you, we will send or fax a line drawing (proposed plan) of your new deck to you usually within 1 week. We may send more than one design for your consideration.

If you are able to commit to DECKS by JRW as your contractor, we will then try to “fine tune” the design to meet all your guidelines. We will revise your plan as many times as needed to have your deck meet your budget and space requirements. A written contract will be provided outlining all the specifications and pricing.

At the time you commit to have DECKS by JRW build your deck, you will be given an approximate start date. As your start date nears, we will be contacting you to pin down the exact start date. You will also be told approximately how long the project will take. 

A material deposit will be taken on the day material is delivered and your project is begun. Final payment will be due upon completion of your project and contingent upon your complete satisfaction.

Long term care and maintenance instructions for your deck will be given after the project has been completed. We are always available to answer any care and maintenance questions in the future.

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