Our History

Our company was established in November of 1991 and formed as a corporation in January of 1992. The principle owners are brothers Jerry and Roger Wright Jerry has been in the deck industry since 1985 when he went to work for Weatherdecks, Inc. And Rogerl has been in the deck industry since 1978 when he was hired as the production manager for Eastside Vinyl Decks.

Our Services

Our primary goal when we started Decks by JRW was to provide the best customer service available in the deck industry. We both agreed that customer service is a rare commodity in today’s market place and especially in the contracting community. We decided to make customer service our number one priority. This is why we both carry pagers and mobile phones and employ an answering service, which will page us when you call our phone numbers since we are usually on job sites. It will be either Jerry or Roger who visits your home to provide a bid on your project and answer all your initial questions. We will provide free design service and will help you decide how to get the best deck for your budget. In the design process, we will ask you many questions regarding your thoughts on how the deck will be used, your landscaping plans, possible future expansion, and traffic patterns on and around the deck. We promise to be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have before, during and after your project is complete. Being a relatively small company where the owners are also hands on employees allows a high degree of customer satisfaction and loyalty. According to the people who have used our company, we have succeeded in making our customers feel like real custome

Our Specialty

We decided early on to make decks our specialty and concentrate our efforts on deck design and construction. We have designed and built over 700 decks since we started our company. We are not re-modelers who will do a deck as a side project. If however we do build a deck for you, we will be happy to give you a bid on any other work you need done to your home, inside or out. We have the personnel and knowledge to tackle almost any carpentry project you may have.

Our People

We use only company-employed carpenters for a variety of reasons. While the use of subcontractors is common in our industry we feel by having employees, we are better able to control not only the quality of the construction but also how the home and surrounding grounds are treated during the construction process. There is always a “lead” carpenter on your site who is in charge and can answer questions about the project. Our customers also do not have to worry about sub contractor liens against their property since the people they buy their deck from are the same people who will build the deck! 

We hope this information has been helpful to you. We would be glad to answer any further questions about our company and how we do business if you are considering having a deck build in the near future. We know you will be another satisfied customer by hiring Decks by JRW to make your deck dreams come true.

Our Location

Decks By JRW

2340 E Trinity Mills Rd Suite 300

Carrollton, TX


By Appointment

A Shout Out

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