We Build v3

Tools We Do It For You  

Server Data

We build a secured server to host the Merchant Online Platform and to store your customers personal data with complete access to a personalized back end, helping to visualize and drive your Business to a successful trajectory

Email Platform

We create Customized and Commercial Grade Email Blasts that are tailored to your Business

Online Presence

Our proprietary system establishes an Online Presence for each Merchant, with the ability to host their own platform on their own URL

Shopping Cart

We produce a state of the art online Shopping Cart that is completely secure, optimized and ready to attract new clients and stream an additional source of revenue

Credit Card Processing 

We contrive a proprietary Payment Gateway for Credit Card Processing where each Merchant has access to manage all transactions


We design a Mobile friendly platform tailored to your business so consumers can have easy access to your business and purchase at the click of a button

Loyalty Program

We create professional Loyalty Program tailored to your Business to help with customer retention, saving the merchant hundreds of dollars

Geo Boulevard

We place your Business on Geo Boulevard, a local Virtual Mall, where thousands of local customers will be able to access your Business and browse through your different available Sales and Promotions

QR Code

We generate a unique QR Code for your Business to capture your customers' data and therefore build your customers database under our platform


We configure tailored surveys to address your Business needs and receive customer feedback.