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What do you get?


You get anything that you need.

If you are planning to build a simple informative website, or a complex shopping cart, 

XtraPlan team will build you a fully functional E-commerce site based on your needs at

no extra cost.

We capture your customer data under our platform; helping you visualize and drive your business to a successful trajectory

We create weekly email campaigns to drive customers to your online store and brick and mortar location

We construct an online presence for your company to deploy a complete digital marketing campaign through social media to promote your services and products

We design a loyalty program to help with retention so your customers can keep coming back to your business

We connect you to a PCI-DSS compliant payment platform and provide a complete processing system through an in-house bank

We build a mobile optimized online presence so your customers can securely buy from your business on their mobile devices

We Provide access to your services and products 24/7 via an Online Shopping Cart

We provide your customers with access to an online local marketplace where you can engage with other non-competing merchants to help establish mutual retail relationship via cross marketing and to promote your business to potential new clients!

We use a QR code to quickly gather customer data and distribute coupons to the local area for your company's featured items if available



XtraPlan puts your business on a web based Discount Coupon Locator - Geo Blvd, which is available on your smartphone. Clients can locate your business with ease and can call or visit your physical and online store as well as your Facebook page to view your top offers and make a purchase.



XtraPlan places your hottest products and services on Geo Blvd. After registeration, your clients receive coupons with attractive offers which they can immediately redeem online or at the store. At the same time, you build your customer base.




XtraPlan gives you access to the latest online business technologies by creating an Online Sales Platform for you. This will only take a few minutes while your dedicated account executive will build and maintain your store, in particular:

- Email Communication Platform

- System of Creating Promotional Coupons

- Online Payment System

- Customer Relationship Management System

- A Mobile Site

- Online Order Management System


The "1net.me Shop Management" application, combined with the Online Sales Platform allows you to easily manage all your orders at your fingertips using a smartphone.



Do you know how much it costs?


With XtraPlan you don´t have to worry about that because it´s completely free.
We can turn your business into a 24/7 selling machine within 48 hours.



Simple, useful, and powerful. XtraPlan platform is what your business needs.